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About PrEP
What is PrEP?
Who should take PrEP?
How quickly does PrEP start working?
How effective is PrEP?
What are the common side effects of PrEP?
Can I drink alcohol while on PrEP?
How does PrEP work?
Is there a minimum age limit for taking PrEP?
Will I still need to wear a condom when I'm on PrEP?
What do I do if I forget to take a pill?
Lab Tests
Do I need to get lab work done?
How often do I need to get tested?
About Julius
Who is Julius?
Why should I trust Julius MD?
Does Julius MD replace my doctor?
Are you available in French?
Getting PrEP with Julius
How do I get PrEP through Julius?
I submitted my health profile, what are the next steps?
Where do I find my lab requisition?
I don't see any emails from Julius?
Shipping and Packaging
How do I receive my PrEP?
How will my PrEP be packaged when shipped to me?

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